• Ozone Disinfection Box
  • Ozone Disinfection Box
  • Ozone Disinfection Box
  • Ozone Disinfection Box

Ozone Disinfection Box

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Ozone Disinfection Box is a 360º Smart Disinfector which offers you efficient usage due to a larger capacity to sanitize multiple items at once.

It helps to disinfect your phone & other belongings in just 6 minutes. Its easy to use with touch sensitive control buttons on the top for easy reach. You may charge & sanitize at the same time with the inbuilt USB charging port. Ensure the cover is closed completely during the sanitization process to maintain the disinfection effect. It also works as a night lamp with 7 different mood lights. It uses Ozone to Eliminate 99.9% germs & bacteria. Ozone also helps in removing bad odour thereby making it a perfect disinfector. Its large chamber easily fits phones upto 6.5”, gadgets, earphones, cards, keys, wallet, masks, gloves etc at the same time. How to Use ? • Connect the power supply & you may put your phone or other belongings in the ozone chamber • Press O3 Sanitizer button when the blue light is on, the process of disinfection starts • Wait about 6 minutes, the light will turn off automatically indicating disinfection process is complete • You May Turn & Switch colors of the light just to make your visual effects better, it has no effect on the disinfection process.