• Promotional Silicone Writsbands

Promotional Silicone Writsbands

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Item size - 10x1.2 cm Printing options - screen printing AvailableColors - Green, Red, White, Blue, Black, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Orange, Yellow & Maroon

Promotional Silicone Writsbands is the encircled strip worn on the wrist. It can be worn to support a cause or philanthropic organizations. These Silicone Bracelets can also be worn on some sports events or concerts. You can find these Customized Wristbands in different color combinations like white and black or red and white or in full colors. The size of this band is about 10*1.2cm that easily sets on the wrist plus it’s water resistant. These Promotional Swirl Silicone Wristbands can be personalized with any sort of writing on it or the logo as per your requirement but as it is a great advertising tool so one should not let go a chance. We’re mastered in printing logo and other fascinating designs that we’re offering you so that you can easily promote your brand and your name stay conspicuous in the eyes of people.